June 27, 2023

Ep. 1 | The Limelight


The #MeToo movement created shockwaves across the planet. In the middle of the outcry, Kevin Spacey was accused of sexually assaulting Anthony Rapp, a fellow actor, when Rapp was just 14.

Spacey’s downfall was rapid and all-encompassing. Once one of the most popular actors in the world, he became a social pariah overnight when Buzzfeed News ran a story outlining Rapp’s allegations.

Rapp said the assault had caused him psychological damage and that he suffered from PTSD and was seeking $40 million dollars in damages. But was there more to the story? Listen to previously sealed depositions and hear the emails and texts that witnesses thought would remain private. In this series, investigative journalist Ann McElhinney reveals the true story behind Kevin Spacey’s downfall.

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Ep. 2 | The Apology

June 29, 2023