July 14, 2023

Ep. 6 | Rapp Takes the Stand


After the opening statement of Rapp v. Spacey, the trial started with a new bombshell. There were no new celebrity witnesses, but there were new allegations, allegations that could sway the jury in favor of Rapp. Kevin Spacey is accused by another man of assaulting him in the early 80s. However, Kevin Spacey’s packrat tendency might just provide hard evidence of another false or mistaken claim. 

Then Anthony Rapp himself is called to the witness stand. It is his chance, in court and under oath, to confront the man who he says sexually assaulted him 30 years ago when he was just fourteen. Rapp recounts his career and what it was like working as a child in an industry full of adults. He explains in detail meeting Spacey, that night at The Limelight and his experience at Spacey’s apartment just a few days later. But has his story changed from his initial Buzzfeed interview? And how will he explain the bedroom that wasn’t there?

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