July 7, 2023

Ep. 4 | The Collaboration


As Anthony Rapp’s court case against Kevin Spacey kicks off, Spacey’s lawyers probe the Buzzfeed News article that broke the story. They knew there were major issues with the details. It seemed that Buzzfeed News reporter Adam Vary seemed to just report what Rapp told him – without fact-checking or even basic Google searches that would have told a different tale. But what else went on behind the scenes before the bombshell story was published? Was there collusion to obscure the truth? Are we talking about unethical journalism?

Listen to the private emails and texts between Journalist Adam Vary and Anthony Rapp, who had been friends for 20 years. Adam Vary fought to keep the communications private but Anthony Rapp was forced to hand them over through discovery. Find out why a federal judge said the documents raise “serious questions about the reliability of Vary’s reporting and his independence from Rapp”. Listen to Adam Vary’s deposition as he is asked some very uncomfortable questions. And discover why an extraordinarily attractive man may hold the key to a 30-year-old mystery.

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